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TISZA-TK PROJEKT Ltd. was established with the purpose of creating a Hungarian-owned grain-processing plant in the northern part of the Great Plain of Hungary. The company will produce food ingredients and feed products, mainly for export.

The plant will process non-GMO corn from Hungary. The newest technology available is applied during the construction of our greenfield project of 145 million EUR, while the necessary thermal energy is produced from biomass. Processing the crops without generating waste, the plant uses clean technology. By relying on renewable energy, our plant becomes one of the greenest to find.

Thanks to its construction, 550 workplaces will be created within the plant and additional 750 in the Hungarian agriculture.

The plant is being built in the industrial area of Tiszapüspöki, which is located close to Szolnok.

On an annual basis, Hungary grows 7 to 7,5 million tons of corn. Only around half of it is used nationally, the rest goes for export. It is in the interest of Hungary, especially from the perspective of agriculture, that the processing industry and animal husbandry use a greater amount inland, thereby transporting less to far-away markets, incurring costs so high. A highly-processed product of considerable added value made in the plant serves as an excellent alternative to the export of ingredients.

Because of the new plant, there will be a continuous and long-lasting demand for corn and biomass. The investment is good for the Hungarian agriculture on the long run and contributes to the development of most of the sectors of the food industry.

With the establishment of such a plant, Hungary is able to develop in an industry in which it has excelled on the European level. It assists Hungary in the process of making use of its agricultural potential by capitalising on its strengths; namely, its agricultural conditions.

The construction of the factory has started in August 2015 and will finish in two years.

Once in operation, the plant will process half a million ton of corn per year. Exceeding any other plant in Europe in capacity, the facility, in addition to 250 thousand tons of isosugar, will produce not only alcohol and edible oils, but GMO free feed products for animal husbandry.

The exclusive seller of the products is KALL Ingredients Ltd. www.kallingredients.hu